Survey of performances

As each homepage is individually adapted to the  customer, there is the price likewise. In the fee, discussed with you, are contained according to standard:

  • sample layout with adjustments
  • final layout (the finished arranged web pages)
  • text integration and formatting
  • picture presentation and optimization
  • creating e-mail adress(es) and accounts
  • publishing (ftp  transfer onto the web space)
  • three weeks care of your website after the first final online presentation
  • metatags, generation of keyword for the search services
  • search machine entries in: Infoseek, Fireball, Lycos, Hotbot, Google, AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo.  

Additional performances

We must calculate additional performances extra:

  • new Logo
  • pictures for your  homepage created digitally or conventionally by us at your headquarter
  • create the side  text for you
  • create a profile of your company
  • create data bases program 
  • monthly care and updating of your pages (price -, coworkers -, performance and contents updating)
  • active-moderate updating (Metatags, keywords) and logging on again in the search machines, for better ranking
  • data protection, internet configuration  (mailacccounts, security, firewall, virus protection)
  • multilingual pages (i.e. english, french, spanish, italian ...)
  • domainsearch, registration and webspace hiring

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